Date Night

Food and attention.  That's really all I need to survive. Now some might say that's dramatic, and I might say you're right.  But I stand by it. I'm just easy to please, what can I say. Date night.  My favourite kind of night. So I've been with my boyfriend for just over two years, and... Continue Reading →


StoryTime – My First and Worst Relationship

So we all have things we regret in life right? Some more than others. (some being me in this case) I will admit I do actually have a fair few things I regret in life, however none more so than this relationship.  If I could turn back time and stop myself from ever entertaining the... Continue Reading →

Exploring Edinburgh

Now as I've gotten older, (23 this year, eek!), I've come to realise that a city break is my favourite kind of break (other than my lunch break at work of-course).  There are so many beautiful cities out there; sights to see, food to indulge in, culture to experience, the list goes on.. November 2018... Continue Reading →

Dry January – Is it worth it?

Well I made it; made it a whole month without my beloved double vodka and lemonades on a Saturday night.  Did I think I could do it? No.  Was it surprisingly easier than I thought it would be? Yes. Now take me back a couple of years and there'd be no chance I could have... Continue Reading →

The Gym – Anorexia vs Now

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the gym.  Some days I love it, and then some days I'd rather be anywhere but.  Right now I'd say we're on good terms;  I've been going 4-5 times a week and really pushing my body to see what it can do. I go now because I want... Continue Reading →

My Eating Disorder : My Story

Trust me when I say I've done it all.  I've been on the over-weight side, the under-weight side, and at this point in my life I'm definitely feeling a little on the fluffy side. What can I say; I love donuts, (they just don't love me). Struggling with Anorexia I can't really pinpoint the exact... Continue Reading →

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